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Grindwell Norton Abrasives

  • Carbide Grinding Wheels

    A world class offering from the leader n abrasives. Norton presents a complete range of Carbide Grinding Wheels designed to give high performance and to suit every customer's requirements.

    Offhand Wheels Bench & Pedestal

    An important constituent of the Compass Brand family, these wheels have been pre-engineered for economy and performance.

    Saw gumming Wheels

    An important constituent of the Compass Brand Chadi Chap family, these wheels have been pre-engineered for economy and performance.

    Snagging Wheels

    For impressive results in foundries, welding shops, fabrication facilities, steel mills, shipyards, structural fabrication,railway and earth moving equipments; gives you the perfect snagging wheels; from conventional Cold Press Snagging to the highperformance Hitech Wheels.

    Mounted Points

    Grindwell Norton presents SpitFire Mounted Points, a vitrified offering of high quality.Stock mounted points are available in a variety of abrasives and a full range of standard shapes and sizes, to suit every end-use.

    Tile Polishing Blocks-Rubbing Bricks

    Grindwell Norton offers the Compass Brand/Chadi Chap - assurance of the best in quality - Triangular Polishing Blocks and Rubbing Bricks, the most popular TPB/RB in India for decades now.

    Sharpening Stones

    Compass brand/Chadi Chap Sharpening and Polishing Stones, Combination Stones, Glass Stones and Scythe Stones have for long been the industry standard in quality and performance.


    Grindwell Norton supplies a wide range of Segments in every shape and size. With a wide range of abrasives and bond combination,it is possible to optimise a specification for every application

    Specialities Bonded

    Grindwell Norton range of Specialities like Dressing Sticks, Finishing & Honing Sticks, Reaper Files is the best choice for achieving maximum performance from your Vitrified as well as Diamond and CBN wheels.


    Internal grinding finds a large number of applications in bearing and automobile industry.Typical applications are bore grinding of inner rings, bore grinding of gears,track grinding of outer rings and steering nuts etc.

    Surface Grinding Wheels

    Grindwell Norton offers surface grinding wheels in the friable 38A abrasive as well as the new 35A abrasive.Coupled with bond systems like VBE, VS3 etc the result is an extremely free cutting wheel for surface grinding applications.

    Toolroom grinding

    The abrasives and bonds in our toolroom wheels have all been carefully selected and preengineered to produce the most versatile wheel performance possible.

    Cylindrical Wheels

    Grindwell Norton supplements its existing range of cylindrical wheels with the new Mikron range of wheels.Mikron wheels give you the best results in terms of cutting action and productivity on all O.D.grinding operations.

    Centreless Wheels

    The new MIKRON range of Centreless wheels combine broad versatility and high performance to give marked productivity gains over others.

    Regulating Wheels

    Grindwell Norton offers a superior range of regulating feed wheels to match its MIKRON - Super Edge, Super Grinding - Centreless range. Regulating wheels are available in both, the more popular rubber bonded variety as well as in resinoid bond.


    Grindwell Norton presents the new and improved range of Crankshaft grinding and regrinding wheels, pre-engineered to meet your high standards of performance and quality.

    Roll Grinding Wheels

    An important constituent in our vast product portfolio, roll grinding wheels are preferred by rolling mills all over India for their high performance levels. These are supplemented by a range of roll scouring blocks.

    Thread Grinding Wheels

    Grindwell Norton Thread Grinding Wheels have been engineered with precision for precision grinding; to meet productivity as well as quality requirements

    Disc Grinding Wheels

    Grindwell Norton offers you specially designed Nut Inserted Wheels, with pre-engineered bond systems that are the best in India.

  • Coated Abrasive Discs

    Grindwell Norton offers the widest range of Fibre, Paper, Cloth and Film backed Coated Abrasive Discs for portable tools. Be it a disc for Rotary Grinder, Dual Action Sander on portable machine or Hand Sanding, Grindwell Norton has a product for every application and performance category.

    Cloth Discs

    Grindwell Norton offers a wide range of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) and Speed-Grip (Velcro) backed cloth discs that are used in a wide array of applications across several industry segments.

    Paper Discs

    Grindwell Norton offers the following range of world–class PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) and Speed-Grip (Velcro) backed paper discs.

    Film Backed Discs

    Norton film discs are made with a high strength polyester film backing and micron-graded aluminum oxide grain for fast cutting and consistent finish to help you achieve superior finishing of acrylic solid surfaces.

    Abrasive Belt

    Grindwell Norton offers the widest range of Coated Abrasive Belts for the industry. Be it a narrow belt for a portable machine or a large wide belt for stainless steel coil finishing, Grindwell Norton has a product for every application and performance category.

    Coated Abrasive Rolls

    Grindwell Norton offers the most comprehensive range of rolls in cloth and paper. Rolls are available in a range of widths to suit industry requirements.

    Film Rolls

    Norton Metalite precision Microfinishing film rolls are micron graded film backed abrasive products designed for Automotive Power train components like camshafts, crankshafts, transmission parts, etc., speciality roll polishing and general Microfinishing.

    Coated Abrasive Sheets

    simply can not be beaten. This aspect becomes critical when working with some of the complicated finishes that are used in wood working, in the paint and clear coat business, in solid surface material sanding and in many other metallurgical testing and finishing situations.

    Coated Abrasive Flap Wheels

    Grindwell Norton offers a range of speciality products to meet specific grinding requirements of fabrication and other industries.


    Grindwell Norton offers a range of accessories to suit popular machine sizes and optimize performance of Norton and Grindwell Norton coated abrasive products.

  • Hand Pads

    Range of grits are available in a convenient size of 150 x 230 mm.Hand Pads are available from 120# to 1000# grits in Silicon Carbide and Aluminium Oxide.Since they are made from nylon, hand pads are very flexible and they can reach areas and conform to various shapes of the workpiece, Hand Pads also non loading and waterproof.


    Beartex Rolls are offered with the same abrasives and range of grits as hand pads.Bearex Rolls are available in standard length of 10 metres and width of 0.15 metres. They can be made available in any width and length to suit various applications.

    Convolute wheel

    Beartex Convolute Wheels are formed by wrapping Beartex material around a central core and bonding the layers together to form a convolute wheel. This design offers higher resistance to wear and imparts glossy finish to components. Grindwell Norton offers a wide range of convolute wheels ranging from cleaning rust and oxide removal to heavy duty deburring.

    Unfied Wheel

    Beartex Unified Polishing wheels are made by compressing layers of Beartex flat stock to obtain wheel of different densities. Beartex Unified Wheels serves as a cost effective option for light duty deburring, decorative finishing, rust removal and cleaning applications. Ideally suited for decorative finishing on brass, SS, watch straps, dairy & kitchen equipment. By choosing the right grade and density, Beartex Wheels are effective substitutes to Set Up wheels. This helps avoid messy operation of making the Set Up wheels and the heavy pollution associated with them.

    Flap wheel/Spindle mounted Flap whel mops

    Beartex Flap Wheels are formed by mounting sheets of Beartex web material around a fibre centre hub. the tightly packed pieces forming the spokes of a wheel.

    Interleaved Wheels & Satinex Wheels

    Beartex Interleaved Wheels are formed by mounting alternative flaps of Beartex web material and coated abrasive cloth. The ID of the Beartex Interleaved Wheel consists of a keyway used for mounting on a variable speed angle grinder.

    Rapid Strip Discs & Depressed Centre Wheels

    Beartex Rapid Strip Discs are made with strong nylon fibre and extra coarse silicon carbide grain that are bonded together by a smear resistant durable adhesive. Open web construction allows cleaning and conditioning of variety of materials with minimal loading.

    T Series Mops

    Beartex T Series Mops are made from a high strength nylon fibre impregnated with synthetic abrasive grains and bonded into a 3 dimensional structure. This property ensures that there is a continuous supply of abrasives. The high strength nylon fibre imparts resistance to wear during deburring operations. The fibre provides a cushioning effect and does not damage the workpiece during use. This unique property of Beartex products find use in precision deburring and polishing applications and serves as an effective substitute to fine grit Coated Abrasive Flap Mops, rubber and polyurethane Spindle Mounted Mops, Bonded Abrasive Mounded Points and Carbide Cutting Tools. T Series Mops are non loading, have fast abrasive action and have a long life.

    Floor Pads

    Floor Pads are made from a high denier nylon fibre and special resins. These pads are available in discs form suited for cleaning, scrubbing and polishing of floors. The pads are colour identified so that they are easily coded for the application. Pads are available in sizes from 300mm (12") to 500mm (20") to suit various floor polishing machines.

    Surface Blending Material (SBM)

    Beartex Surface Blending Material (SBM) discs and belts are made of consistent loft with premium aluminium oxide grain and resin. With special scrim backed webbing SBM products yield a durable product with an aggressive and a consistent cut rate. These discs and belts are colour coded for easy grit identification.

  • Single Point Dressers

    Grindwell Norton's new plant in India brings you Saint-Gobain Abrasives' Superabrasive products. Trained product specialists can support you to get the best of your grinding process and offer you a grinding system solution. A wide range of items ensure easy availability.

    Grit Impregnated Dressers

    Diamond Grit Impregnated Dressers also called Nib dressers are made with a number of fractional carat diamonds set in a matrix bond. The cost per carat of crushed diamonds used in these dressers is lower than the whole diamond crystal used in single point dresser.

    Fliese Dressers

    Fliese dressers are the most versatile and cost effective type of stationary multipoint dressing tools available for modern high productive dressing. Fliese dressers comprise of a thin layer of high quality diamonds, in different forms depending on the usage and application, set in a matrix.

    Rotary Dressers

    In addition to Stationary Dressers, Grindwell Norton also offers the full range of Rotary Dressers. Rotary Dressers are generally custom built to specific customer applications and machines.

    Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels

    Diamond and CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels are available in a wide range of Resin, Vitrified and Metal bonds.

    Electroplated Products

    Norton Electroplated Mounted Points, Electroplated Diamond Straight Needle Files are now available in a variety of sizes and grit combinations.

  • Small Blades (4 inches)

    NORTON established its European diamond tool manufacturing facilities in Luxembourg in 1963. Grindwell Norton offers a complete range of Small Diamond Blades (4 inches).

    Diamond Cutting Blades

    NORTON revolutionised the construction and building industry by the invention of laser welded diamond blades. The introduction of this new manufacturing process greatly increased safety and made the diamond tools more versatile.

    Wood Cutting Blades

    Excellent performance & high quality diamond blade with very soft cut & low vibrations; High performance life & safe cut along with Long life & excellent cutting speed. Norton Brings to you Wood Cutting Blades.

  • Cut-Off Wheels

    Norton Cut-off wheels are pre-engineered to produce the most versatile wheel performance. They are engineered to give you optimum to premium performance in all cut-off applications ranging from production to maintenance.

    Chopsaw Wheels

    Suitable for low power chopsaw machines. Reinforced wheels with a unique design engineered for free cutting on all kinds of pipes, angles, channels.

    Extra Thin Wheels

    Reinforced cut off wheels in Thickness of 1m to 2mm. These wheels are designed to work at 80 m/s and offer following benefits.

    Depressed Centre Discs

    SpitFire DCD from Grindwell Norton is India's largest selling brand of DCD's and is easily the industry's best line of performance and value.

    Depressed Centre Discs-Zirkon

    The high performance DCD – the One and Only Zirkon – which has revolutionised high performance grinding for the discerning user. Available in Quick Cut and Long Life varieties.

    Depressed Centre Discs-SpitFire

    The industry standard DCD's are available in various specifications to suit every discernible need of the end-user.

    Depressed Centre Discs-Gemini

    The Value for Money Depressed Centre Discs which is popular with many industries.

    Depressed Centre Discs-Bear

    The Bear products are economy products for light applications. These are designed for ease of cut and are suitable on angle grinding applications. These products are very economical and have the advantages of safety, consistency & reliability of the worlds best technologies.

    Construction Industry Products

    Norton also makes speciality offerings for the construction segment. DCDs for beveling/ rounding off edges of Glass and Marble are also available. Further they come in various grits to take care of the finish requirements of most users.

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